I love to travel. I got my first taste of the international world when I was 11 and touring with the Children's Chorus of San Antonio in Italy. Since then, I've looked for all opportunities to see the world. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and take advantage of all the cheap hopper flights around Europe. I met my husband in graduate school and he shares my affinity for exploration. We have since traveled to six continents together, including our honeymoon to Antarctica and a weekend (that's right - a weekend) in Cape Town. He'll be traveling with me to Australia to mark number 7 off the list next year! In the meantime, I'll be traveling around for work and for fun and will share any interesting stories here.


About Me

My name is Raechel (with an "e"). I help design schools for a living and travel whenever I can (well - used to and pining to start that again!). I started this website as I combined these two favorite things in Melbourne, Australia as a Post-Graduate Fulbright Scholar. I am continuing it now after finishing a PhD in Education and still designing schools. I will chronicle research and schools I love (and hopefully soon - travel), sharing the exciting things happening and providing lessons learned from my research on how to align your practices and your spaces to achieve your teaching and learning goals.


Feel free to contact me at: schoolsandtravel@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!


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